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Life on Mars

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The race is on to put humans on Mars — and not just for a quick visit, either. Right now, organizations like NASA and SpaceX are laying the groundwork to put a manned human outpost on the Red Planet. But what will it actually take, technologically speaking, to achieve this wildly ambitious goal? In this 10-part series, we’ll explore the cutting-edge science that’ll make it possible, and take you on tour of the technologies that will allow humans to occupy Mars long-term. Check back for a new article each week!

harvesting hydration on mars

Harvesting hydration: How future settlers will create and collect water on Mars

Mars looks like a dry, inhospitable desert. So where will explorers get water from? We spoke to three experts to find out.
Life on Mars - Cosmic Comms - Featured Image

Cosmic comms: How the first humans on Mars will communicate with Earth

In order to establish a human colony on Mars, we'll first need to get a reliable communications network built. Here's how scientists are making that happen
Life on Mars Astro Agriculture Feature

Astroagriculture: How we’ll grow crops on Mars

If we ever hope to keep astronauts alive on Mars for a long-term visit, we'll need to figure out how to grow crops in Martian soil. Is such a thing possible?
Artificial Atmospheres: How we’ll build a base on Mars

Artificial atmospheres: How we’ll build a base with breathable air on Mars

How will we make oxygen on Mars? To get the scoop, we spoke with experts from NASA and MIT who are building a plan to make it happen.
Extraterrestrial Energy Life on Mars

Power plants on other planets: How we’ll generate electricity on Mars

The first Mars explorers will need electricity to survive -- but how do you generate power on a dusty planet where solar energy is in short supply?
Life on Mars Castles Made of Sand

Castles made of sand: How we’ll make habitats with Martian soil

We can't just bring a bunch of lumber to Mars and build a habitat when we arrive. Instead, NASA wants to make habitats with the red planet's natural resources
Life on Mars: Staying Sane - Astro Psychology

Astropsychology: How to stay sane on Mars

The first humans who visit Mars will face countless challenges, but perhaps the most difficult of all will be maintaining their mental health.
life on mars: perfecting propulsion feature

Perfecting propulsion: How we’ll get humans to Mars

To get the details on what a propulsion for a crewed expedition to Mars might look like, we spoke to an expert in cutting-edge rocket propulsion systems.
Life on mars: medicine on mars

Medicine on Mars: How we’ll keep astronauts healthy on the red planet

The first human visitors that reach Mars will face countless health risks, and when something goes wrong, there won't be doctors around to help
Life on mars: A Cosmological Commute Feature

A cosmological commute: The tricky logistics of putting people on Mars

Putting people on Mars isn't as easy as loading up a rocket and blasting it off into space. Here's why it's trickier than it might seem.