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Technology can empower society, yet stories of the important women who have shaped that tech are often overshadowed — or even erased. Women With Byte is a continuing series of articles in which we look at the many contributions women have made to technology past and present, the hurdles they faced (and overcame), and the foundations for the future they’ve laid for the next generations.

an artists depiction of an asteroid heading toward earth

Her hyper-realistic computer models protect Earth from killer asteroids

Sabina Raducan's computer models are the first step toward building a full-fledged planetary defense system that protects Earth from killer asteroid impacts.
Annie Easley poses for a picture at NASA.

The most influential women in tech history

With their big ideas and clever inventions, these inspirational women left an indelible mark on the world and set us on a path to a brighter future.
A portrait of Louisa Heinrich, founder of Superhuman

The UX Pioneer: Louisa Heinrich’s quest to humanize tech

Marie Curie In Her Laboratory.

10 female inventors who changed the world forever

The women on this list have risen above inequality, creating products and services that have truly changed the world.
Sally Ride aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.

The legacy of Sally Ride: America’s first woman in space

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, didn't fit NASA's archetype for a female astronaut -- and that's precisely why she was such a pioneer.
Victoria Tran, community director at Innersloth, the studio behind Among Us

Victoria Tran has a game-changing idea for changing video games

Victoria Tran, community director of Innersloth, has some big ideas on how video game design can foster kindness, community, and positive relationships
Hedy Lamarr, inventor of frequency hopping.

How Hedy Lamarr built the foundations of Wi-Fi 80 years ago

Hedy Lamarr is best known for her work as an actress, but she also co-invented a radio communication technique that laid the foundation for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
a painting of Ada Lovelace.

How Ada Lovelace became a feminist icon and a computer pioneer

Ada Lovelace is often described as the world’s first computer programmer -- an achievement she earned nearly a century before the creation of the first computer
A living room in Unpacking.

5 games by female developers you should check out

In honor of Women's History Month, here are five games from female developers that you should absolutely look into.
Alexandra Elbakyan, founder of Sci-Hub, poses for a photo.

Meet the ‘Pirate Queen’ fighting to kill paywalls on research

She built a tool for pirating paywalled research papers in 2011. Today, more than a decade after launch, she's still fighting for open access.
Gen Z Women Illustration

Meet Gen Z’s fierce female founders aiming to radically reshape the tech world

Gen Z startup founders are on the rise, and many of them have plans to radically overhaul industries and institutions that haven’t budged for decades.
women with byte vivienne ming adjusted

Women with Byte: Vivienne Ming’s plan to solve ‘messy human problems’ with A.I.

As a theoretical neuroscientist and A.I. expert, Dr. Vivienne Ming is on a mission to solve what she calls messy human problems with the help of A.I.
Emily Levesque

How ‘The Last Stargazers’ are changing astronomy

Dr. Emily Levesque is an astronomer who looks for dying stars. In her new book, The Last Stargazers, she explores how technology is changing astronomy.
all female spacewalk october blog iss060e000808 1

Astronaut Christina Koch says NASA can ‘absolutely’ get to the moon by 2024

Astronaut Christina Koch talked about NASA's Artemis mission, the "bold" goal of getting to the moon by 2024 and what tech will help the next moon landing.
from the arctic to antarctica erika bergman pilots submarines seafloor aquatica facebook

From the Arctic to Antarctica, Erika Bergman pilots submarines to the seafloor

Erika Bergman has been piloting submarines for a decade, and she's also been getting girls excited about engineering so she has some company in the ocean.
HazAdapt app in use

911 hotlines are outdated, so Ginny Katz is building something better

The American emergency response system is aging and easily overwhelmed. Ginny Katz, CEO of HazAdapt, is building an emergency response platform for the future.
susan kare happy mac

How Susan Kare gave Apple’s Mac its personality

When it comes to the most famous icon designers of all time, Susan Kare is, frankly, the most iconic. The designer of the icons and typefaces for the original Apple Mac, Kare helped give a friendly personality to computers at a time when most people still found them a bit scary.
cecilia bitz sea ice polar bear unsplash

Dr. Cecilia Bitz tracks sea ice as it disappears at unprecedented levels

Dr. Cecilia Bitz is an atmospheric scientist who studies sea ice. She's watched it melt and retreat in the Arctic Ocean and knows the trend is harmful for the planet. Melting ice is part of a climate change feedback loop that's causing big problems for polar bears, Native Alaskans, and others.
Jacqueline Cochran standing outside of a P-40 Warhawk Fighter Plane

How pioneering pilot Jackie Cochran helped and hurt the Women in Space Program

Before Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space, Jackie Cochran funded the Women in Space Program. The pioneering pilot, who became the first woman to break the sound barrier and played a major role in efforts during World War II, never realized her dream of venturing into space.
nonny de la pea wants vr to be accessible everyone emblematicgroup fb 1

Nonny de la Peña wants to put virtual reality within Reach

Immersive journalism uses virtual reality to put viewers inside true stories and up close and personal with the subjects. Nonny de la Peña is a pioneer of the medium and hopes to make it more accessible with Reach, her WebVR platform.
Women Scientists of the Manhattan Project

Hidden figures of the Manhattan Project: Meet the women behind the A-bomb (Part 2)

During World War II, thousands of people worked in various capacities building the first atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project is often thought of as a collection of brilliant men, but there were women scientists there, too. Unfortunately, the didn’t have the same opportunities as their male colleagues after the war was over. This is their story.
women scientists of the manhattan project part 1

Hidden figures of the Manhattan Project: Meet the women behind the A-bomb (Part 1)

During World War II, thousands of people worked in various capacities building the first atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project is often thought of as a collection of brilliant men, but there were women scientists there, too. Unfortunately, the didn’t have the same opportunities as their male colleagues after the war was over. This is their story.
4 women tech leaders jasmine crowe feat

4 women innovators who are using tech to help others live better lives

Meet four female leaders who are not only at the forefront of technology today, but who are also using tech to help others. From robotics and medicine to food and undergarments, see how these four women are using technology to help make the world a better place.
5 women of color pioneers computing melba roy mouton feat

Many pioneers in computing were women of color. Here are 5 you should recognize

Women of color have been at the forefront of a number of groundbreaking computing endeavors. The history of computing is filled with the stories of their innovative contributions. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we highlight the achievements of five of these extraordinary women.
photojournalist annie griffiths spent a lifetime finding hidden stories interview 1

One of Nat Geo’s first female photographers captured stories others ignored

With 40 years of experience, Annie Griffiths started her career as one of the first women photographers at National Geographic. She now runs a nonprofit working to empower women around the globe.
Patsy Simmers, holding ENIAC board; Gail Taylor, holding EDVAC board; Milly Beck, holding ORDVAC board; and Norma Stec, holding BRLESC-I board.

Long before Gates or Jobs, 6 women programmed the first digital computer

ENIAC was the world's first electronic digital computer, and though it was glossed over in the history books, it was programmed by a team of six women. Remembering their contributions could inspire young women looking to break into the male-dominated tech industry.
women in tech you should know 2016 wired business conference

Breaking the glass ceiling: 6 women in tech you should know

In honor of International Women's Day, we've rounded up some of the most influential women in the male-dominated tech industry.
Change the Game

Google Play’s Change the Game is here to empower women in mobile gaming

Google's Change the Game is an interactive online experience that walks you through the relationship between women and mobile games.
made with code wonder woman cstyle bracelet coding girls wearable 4

Google uses ‘Wonder Woman’ to inspire next generation of female programmers

Google and Made With Code have developed an interactive coding project to introduce teen girls to the fundamentals of the trade.
equal pay pledge tech two women working in an office1

Women working in tech jobs should avoid these cities if they want more equal pay

Gender pay gap in the tech industry is a reality for women in the workforce. Some US cities are worse than others. Here is the breakdown.
Alexis Tirado

Meet Alexis Tirado, the young Latina carrying the flame of Hispanic Millennials

Alexis Tirado from Univision's YouTube-only millennial video offering The Flama, talks with Digital Trends Español about being Latina in the media.
hack for her summit microsoft women in tech conference

Microsoft hosts first ‘Hack for Her’ summit in effort to address tech’s diversity problem

A Microsoft-organized summit made the case that tech companies need women if they want to stay competitive. Microsoft itself has work to do.
cambridge university ai research center college univeristy campus

Abigail Seldin talks College Abacus and being a woman in tech

Abigail Seldin and her team of power women at Innovation Lab are working to make college more affordable through the power of consumer tech.
Women at E3 2015

Why aren’t women staying in computer science?

Women weren't always unicorns in the tech scene, comprising just 11 percent of engineers in the field (on a good day).