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Jason Struss

Jason Struss

Section Editor, Entertainment

Jason is a writer, editor, and pop culture enthusiast whose love for cinema, television, and cheap comic books has led him to work in the entertainment industry. A proud graduate of both Whitman College (Adam West's alma mater!) and Syracuse University, he has worked at Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Warner Bros., and Screen Rant. At Digital Trends, he covers all things film and television, from ranking Alfred Hitchcock's best films to examining the everlasting neuroses of Larry David.  When he's not obsessing over the latest Marvel Studios trailer, you can find him either working or surfing the web looking for the perfect fudge brownie recipe.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle

Where to watch Sleepless in Seattle

From Christmas Eve to Valentine's Day and beyond, here's where you can revisit Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the classic rom-com, Sleepless in Seattle.
Two players stand in Squid Game: The Challenge.

When is the Squid Game: The Challenge season 1 finale streaming?

Netflix's latest reality show sensation is about to end. Find out when to watch the Squid Game: The Challenge season 1 finale and which players are left to win.
Andrew Lincoln as Mark holding a card that says "Merry Christmas" in Love Actually.

25 best Christmas movies to stream right now

Need help finding a good movie to watch this Christmas? Check out this list of the 25 best movies to stream over the holiday on Netflix, Max, Hulu, and more.
A man looks out a window in The Killer.

10 best Netflix movies to watch after Thanksgiving

From a few great 2023 movies like The Killer to a classic sci-fi film like Dune, these are the 10 best movies on Netflix to watch after Thanksgiving.
saltburn similar movies you have to watch the talented mr ripley 2

3 movies and TV shows like Saltburn you have to watch

If you liked the new movie Saltburn with Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, you should check out these three movies and TV shows that are just like it.
A family gathers outside in Yellowstone season one.

Best Black Friday deals at Best Buy: 3 TV show Blu-ray sets you have to buy now

Looking for a good Black Friday deal on the best TV show Blu-ray sets this season? Digital Trends has three recommendations that are ideal for anyone.
Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie smile at each other in Barbie.

I review movies for a living — here are the best Black Friday DVD deals

As Digital Trends' resident movie critic, here are my picks for the best Black Friday deals on DVDs and Blu-rays at Best Buy this year.
Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

25 best Thanksgiving movies to stream right now (November 2023)

Need help finding a good movie to watch this Thanksgiving? Check out this list of the 25 best movies to stream over the holiday on Netflix, Max, Hulu, and more.
A dog licks a man in the National Dog Show.

Where to watch the National Dog Show 2023 for free

Find out where to watch the 2023 National Dog Show and see if your favorite canine wins the coveted title.
A man strangles a woman in The Strangler.

2023’s weirdest movie was actually made over 50 years ago. Here’s why it’s still worth watching today

2023 has had its fair share of weird movies, but none top this horror movie, which was made over 50 years ago. Find out what it is and why you should watch it.
whats new on peacock december 2023 monk movie release date

Everything coming to Peacock in December 2023

Peacock's exciting December 2023 schedule includes Mr. Monk's Last Case, season 2 of Dr. Death, Sunday Night Football, Genie, and The Exorcist: Believer.
Keanu Reeves points a gun in John Wick.

What’s new on Tubi in December 2023

What's new on Tubi in December? The first three John Wick movies, the two Kill Bill films, Austin Powers, Tom Cruise in Oblivion, and a lot of holiday movies.
John McClane holds a gun in Die Hard.

Wait, is Bruce Willis’ Die Hard character in Michael Bay’s World War II epic Pearl Harbor or not?

An old Hollywood legend has recently resurfaced, igniting debate about this mystery: Did Bruce Willis' Die Hard character appear in the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor?
Four people stand in a tunnel in Culprits.

Everything coming to Hulu in December 2023

What's coming to Hulu in December 2023? The premiere of Culprits and the last season of Letterkenny, plus movies like The Matrix and Paddington 2, and more.
disney plus december 2023 movies shows percy jackson show

Everything coming to Disney+ in December 2023

The Disney+ holiday programming schedule in December includes Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Marvel's What If season 2, and three Doctor Who specials.
The poster for The Marvels.

The Marvels: How many post-credits scenes are there in the latest MCU movie?

With every MCU movie, fans have to know: Does it have an end credits scene? DT reveals how many post-credits scenes The Marvels has and who shows up at the end.
Ty Simpkins stands in a red doorway in Insidious: The Red Door.

This underrated 2023 horror movie on Netflix deserves more love. Here’s why you should watch it

There have been many good horror movies in 2023, but this underrated franchise entry has been overlooked. It's popular on Netflix and deserves another look.
The cast of The Marvels.

The Marvels just might be the MCU’s first huge box office disaster

With The Marvels, the MCU might experience its first major box office disaster.
Magneto stands next to the X-Men in X2.

Is Marvel (finally) going to introduce the X-Men into the MCU in The Marvels?

After years of teasing, is Marvel going to introduce the X-Men in the MCU in The Marvels? These not-so-subtle hints certainly suggest that's going to happen.
The Avengers assembling on a dilapidated street in 2012's The Avengers.

Want to know why the MCU stinks lately? We’ll tell you

It's not a stretch to say that the MCU has seen better days. A story in Variety explains why the once-mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a disappointment.
everything coming to netflix november 2023 the crown season 6

Everything coming to Netflix in November 2023

The debut of the movies Nyad and The Killer, plus the final season of the hit show The Crown, highlight Netflix's November 2023 schedule.
A couple smile at the camera in The Curse.

Everything coming to Paramount+ in November 2023

The debut of Taylor Sheridan's new show Lawman: Bass Reeves, the comedy The Curse with Emma Stone, and Good Burger 2 highlight Paramount+'s November 2023 slate.
Liam Neeson in Taken.

What’s new on Tubi in November 2023

What's new on Tubi in November? The holiday classic Die Hard, The Shawshank Redemption, Taken, the '90s comedy Friday, and a lot of Resident Evil movies.
Villanelle threatens Eve on Killing Eve.

Everything leaving Max (formerly HBO Max) in November 2023

From Gangs of London to Fear the Walking Dead to a lot of Freddy Kruger movies, here are all the films and TV shows leaving Max in November 2023.
Julia almost faints in Julia.

Everything coming to Max (formerly HBO Max) in November 2023

From the second seasons of Julia and Rap Sh!t to the premiere of the new Chuck Lorre show Bookie, find out what's new on Max in November 2023.
Laurie Strode looks on in terror in Halloween II.

3 underrated horror sequels that deserve to be watched again

Still have no idea what to watch for Halloween? Then try watching these underrated sequels in some of the biggest horror movie franchises ever.
Martin Scorcese at the premiere of "Shutter Island."

Martin Scorsese: film director, movie lover, TikTok star?

Martin Scorsese has won an Oscar and a Grammy, and is a respected filmmaker worldwide, but now he's earned a status few thought he'd ever achieve: TikTok star.
A man in a trench coat walks in Ferrari.

Don’t miss these 6 fall 2023 movies that are flying under the radar

The fall 2023 movie season is packed with hits like Killers of the Flower Moon and The Color Purple, but these six movies are worth watching as well.
whats new on peacock november 2023 treasure of foggy mountain

Everything coming to Peacock in November 2023

Peacock's exciting November 2023 schedule includes the debut of the original movie Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain and Big 10 basketball.
A woman looks at another woman in birth/rebirth.

What’s new on Shudder in November 2023

New movies like Birth/Rebirth, cult hits like I Am Not a Serial Killer, and new episodes of Dragula highlight Shudder's November 2023 schedule.
An old woman looks scared in Suburban Screams.

John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams will scare the crap out of you. That’s a good thing

In an interview with Digital Trends, producer/director Jordan Roberts talks about John Carpenter's Suburban Screams and working with the horror master himself.
Darby in the dark with pink hair looking suspiciously to her side in a scene from A Murder at the End of the World.

Everything coming to Hulu in November 2023

What's coming to Hulu in November 2023? The premiere of A Murder at the End of the World, a new season of Fargo, movies like Magic Mike's Last Dance, and more.
Santa sits in The Santa Clauses 2.

Everything coming to Disney+ in November 2023

Disney+'s festive November programming schedule includes the season finales of Loki and Goosebumps and the season 2 premiere of The Santa Clauses.
A cat person gets ready to attack in Sleepwalkers.

This lost Stephen King movie is woefully underrated. Here’s why you should watch it for free

There are plenty of bad Stephen King movies, but this underrated 1992 film with a Twin Peaks alum, a Beetlejuice star, and Ron Perlman is worth another look.