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The best smart blinds for Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit

When you ask people why they want smart blinds, or why they enjoy the smart blinds they already have installed, you can expect a wide range of answers. Some will tell you about the privacy benefits of blinds that will remember to close every night. A few will put forth an analysis about how smart blinds have helped the environment (and their electric bill) by keeping the sun’s rays out of their home, reducing their AC reliance. Still more will praise the ability to keep their blinds closed at night while still waking up naturally to open blinds in the morning.

Unfortunately, smart blinds aren’t typically organized by what kind of person you are. Though there are ones designed around energy efficiency, you can fortunately get a mix and mash of all of the above applications in decent smart blinds. Instead, making sure your smart blinds both fit your home, physically and digitally, will often be the bigger issue. Quality products in some special styles of smart blinds are also more difficult to find. As a result, while looking for the best smart blinds, we looked at products that will provide hassle-free compatibility with your favorite smart home products while also serving your needs.

Serena by Lutron

Best overall smart blinds

A woman meditating in a room with Serena by Lutron smart blinds / smart shades.
Image used with permission by copyright holder


  • Company provides material samples
  • Free in-home consultations
  • Extremely wide selection of smart ecosystems
  • Intense customization available
  • Very intelligent smart controls


  • Likely won’t save money with these

Why you should buy this: Serena by Lutron’s smart shades are almost certainly compatible with your smart system as well as the physical needs of your windows.

Who it’s for: People who are willing to pay good money for the best tech, or those that want to fit more obscure smart systems.

Why we chose Serena by Lutron:

For most people, the desire to have smart blinds comes with the desire for more simplicity in their lives. This desire goes from getting the blinds installed right through daily usage. And for this, Serena by Lutron has you covered. From the get-go, you can request a free in-home consultation or ask for a delivery of fabric samples. When you order, you get to make direct requests for style, one of over 100 fabric type/color combinations, and precise size measurements for your window. Then, when the product arrives you can either DIY the setup or have a professional help you. Serena shades integrate with over a dozen smart technologies, including difficult-to-find compatibilities like Logitech Harmony and the Sonos Home Sound System and four smart thermostat systems. If you have it and want to use it, you likely can with Lutron. Plus, they have their own hub if you’re not already using a third-party one.

Once set up, control of the Serena by Lutron smart blinds system is simultaneously intuitive and multi-factored. Smart voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa can control the blinds at the expense of only a few words. Meanwhile, app control allows you to set up more complex routines. Serena’s Smart Wood Blinds have access to Serena’s Natural Light Optimization feature, which controls blinds based on the position of the sun and time of day, updated on a seasonal basis. Finally, there is a standard remote control so that even guests can easily move your blinds. This safe, cordless remote can also be wall-mounted to act more like a switch.

Essentially, the smart blinds available from Serena by Lutron will fit the needs of nearly every customer. The overly value-conscious might have more difficulty with them, however, as they are expensive. Ultimately, smart blinds are worth it, and can even save you money in the long run. It’s just that Serena blinds are pushing that long run a little further out than with other models. Instead, pick Serena by Lutron blinds for their beauty, advanced tech, and enhanced convenience.

Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds

Best for Google Home

A rendering showing Yoolax blinds opening.
Image used with permission by copyright holder


  • Varying levels of shading available
  • Precise size customization available
  • One remote controls 16 blinds
  • Also works with Alexa and HomeKit
  • Easy charging, including solar


  • Requires a Bluetooth Hub for full Google Home experience
  • Add-ons can get expensive

Why you should buy this: This is a good solution for homes with lots of windows.

Who it’s for: Those who want larger-scale blind control with low efforts

Why we chose the Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds:

The Yoolax brand of smart blinds are made to be relatively easy to install and have largely maintenance-free usage. When picking your blinds, there are many styles to choose from, though this kind in the popular zebra blinds style has particularly good connection with Google Home. Before completing your order, you’ll get to choose a precise size based on the needs of your window. Once installed, more or less like regular blinds, the Yoolax are wirelessly charged, with one charge lasting around four to six months. You can also install solar shades chargers directly on the panel so the blinds charge automatically.

Control of the Yoolax smart blinds is done via remote, app, or voice and you can work with up to 16 blinds at once depending on your final configuration. App control allows for the most advanced options, allowing you to have the blinds close automatically as you leave the home or do smart things like rise with your local sunrise time. To get off the app and control directly via your Google Home devices, you’ll need an additional Bluetooth Hub, but other than that the setup is rather straightforward.

SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades

Best for Alexa

SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades shown in the up and down positions.
Image used with permission by copyright holder


  • Tons of different options available
  • Connects to Alexa via Zigbee
  • Up to 100% blackout available
  • Easy charging, includes solar
  • Good pricing


  • Could have too many options available

Why you should buy this: Has one of the simplest Alexa integrations available.

Who it’s for: People who want ultimate stylistic control over their blinds.

Why we chose the SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades:

One of the most immediate things to note about the SmartWings system is the incredible amounts of options available in the ordering menu. The size of your blinds are calculated to an eighth of an inch and everything from the valance (upper part) down to the bottom bar of your blinds can be customized to your heart’s desire. It’s a lot of freedom, and add-ons (such as solar charging panels) can also be directly ordered from your checkout page, not suddenly appearing as a “bonus” charge after your order has already been made. For those who like choice and control, it will be a delight. For others, the burden of choice might definitely take over.

To control the blinds, you can talk directly with your Alexa-connected device. Note that SmartWings also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other brands, but we found it to be best matched with Alexa devices. With Alexa, you can set automatic blind rising and closing times as well as give on-demand commands. There is also a remote that can be used to control one window’s blinds individually or be set to control all blinds at once. Finally, there is direct app control.

Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds

Best for HomeKit

Upgraded blinds with Eve.
Eve / .


  • Price kept low by using existing blinds
  • Gives you extreme choice in which blinds to use
  • Convenient, bridge-free design


  • Doesn’t work with 100% of blinds

Why you should buy this: This is the best HomeKit blinds retrofit system.

Who it’s for: People who want to keep their existing roller blinds.

Why we chose the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit:

If you already have great blinds and use HomeKit, the best smart blinds for you are your blinds, made smart. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your blinds, you can do so with even more options by combining standard roller blinds with this kit. However, as mentioned in our guide to the best HomeKit smart blinds, this upgrade kit will not work with all blinds. For example, due to the diameter of their tubes, IKEA and Hunter Douglas blinds are known to not work with this product. You’ll still have plenty of options, however, as the kit is made to accommodate many roller blind makes.

Once installed, your blinds are then able to be controlled by Siri. This process is quite simple and requires less technical setup than many competitors, as your blinds will automatically join your threads network.

IKEA Praktlysing Cellular Blind

Best cheap smart blinds

Opening the IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds via phone.
Image used with permission by copyright holder


  • Highly affordable
  • Good remote control
  • Pre-programmed system


  • Stuck with DIRIGERA and IKEA smart apps
  • Low customization available

Why you should buy this: The IKEA Praktlysing line provides affordable smart blinds to the masses.

Who it’s for: These are the best smart blinds for those wanting them for practical purposes, such as the elderly.

Why we chose the IKEA Praktlysing:

While we tend to think of smart blinds as an expensive home upgrade, it doesn’t have to be. The IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds are fairly classic cellular blinds that you might find in any home or apartment, just made smart. They aren’t overly fancy or expensive, but rather practical. Using the supplied remote, you can open and close the blinds easily at the touch of a button. Or, for a better experience, you can also use the IKEA smart app to control them. As the system comes more or less pre-programmed and paired, we find that the IKEA Praktlysing work best for those looking for practicality in their smart blinds. They’re great for grandpa who can’t get around as well as he used to or anyone with impaired upper-body mobility. All IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds are 76.75-inches long and only select widths between 23 and 48 inches are available, but with increased affordability often comes lower customization.

How to select the best smart blinds for you

Getting the right smart blinds for your home will depend upon a number of factors, and can require careful consideration. Smart blinds are not necessarily something you can pick out quickly. Here are some pro pointers to make sure you get blinds that will work with your home appropriately:

Select blinds that work well with your home

One of the quickest ways to become unhappy with your smart blinds is to focus on the “smart” and forget about the “blinds”. Whether you end up with blinds that don’t fit your décor or have flaws in their materials, you may end up missing your dumb blinds if you pick inappropriately. Luckily, there are some tried and true things to look for when it comes to getting great blinds:

Width: This is the place to start, especially if your windows and the appropriate place for the blinds are recessed into the wall. We recommend measuring at the top, middle, and bottom of the designated area for the blinds even if the area appears perfectly rectangular. Pressure on the middle, especially during humid summers, can make the middle area narrow slightly, totally messing up your blinds’ ability to move up and down.

Height: If you have particularly tall windows, don’t assume smart blind manufacturers have your needs in mind. Double-check you can get what you want.

Materials: There are a wide array of materials to use for blinds and you need to make sure your needs are being met. Matted, woven materials often look very pretty and give off a natural vibe but, depending on your light tolerance, can be too porous. On the other hand, smart blackout shades often come in harsh black colors that can clash with lightly-colored rooms. In this case, looking for a more neutral beige may suit your tastes better. In any case, the best smart blinds makers provide a wide range of materials and colorations for you to choose from and some will even provide material samples.

This advice boils down to something that may feel familiar to you if you’ve read the full article so far: Customization is king. Many of the products and smart blind providers selected above were chosen for their commitment to giving you choice and variation in your smart blind picks.

Smart features and compatibility vary

Don’t let the previous make you think that the smart features of smart blinds don’t matter. Rather, it is a common pitfall to forget the physical construction while diving headfirst into smart features. In reality, both halves of the smart blinds equation need to be looked at with equal scrutiny.

The fact is, even the best smart blinds have different features. However, there are some common threads you should expect to see from manufacturer to manufacturer. Here’s what we see again and again when it comes to opening (and closing) your blinds:

Time-based opening: Setting your smart blinds to open and close at specific times allows you to rise to natural sunlight in the mornings while having your shades down at night. Combining automatic closing of blinds with the best smart light switches can create the appearance that you’re home at night even while gone. A time-based opening feature makes for the best smart blinds for those who value privacy and morning routines.

Intelligent opening: One step up from time-based systems, some smart blinds pay attention to the way the sun hits your house, controlling each window’s blinds differently. If you live in North America or the UK, for instance, your North-side blinds won’t be getting much sun reflected inside them. Intelligent blinds “know” this and react accordingly. This style is utilized in the best smart blinds for large homes with too many windows to control individually.

Voice and remote opening: While this might seem like the simplest feature, on-command opening and closing brings about the true essence of a smart blind’s utility: No manual opening. With a simple “Alexa” or “Hey Google” voice gesture, you should be able to control your blinds. Alternatively, app-based remote opening remains possible for most smart blinds. Nearly all smart blinds have a physical remote as well, giving your guests an opportunity to adjust blinds without getting enmeshed within your home’s smart system.

Finally, remember that not all smart blinds are made for all smart ecosystems. Some smart blinds are multi-compatible but have systems they work best for. Others are designed specifically for one system. Additionally, you’ll often run into the circumstance where you’ll need an additional hub or add-on to connect your new smart blinds to your existing smart home ecosystem. For some smart home systems, this is near unavoidable. This, in part, is why we spent a lot of energy examining smart blinds for popular smart ecosystems above.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best blinds brands?

When it comes to smart blinds, the best blinds brand is probably Serena by Lutron. This is due to their wide compatibility, incredible variety of styles, and overall customer friendliness. We’ve also found brands like Yoolax, Graywind, and even IKEA to prove popular.

Do motorized blinds increase home value?

Motorized blinds, like anything that gives value to your home, increase home value. However, if you wish to value of your home by installing motorized smart blinds, remember that they need to be usable by the next owners of the home. Getting overly niche blinds can make them part of a remodel, not an asset to be cherished. On the other hand, more advanced configurations, such as with dual shades and dual roller shades, can potentially increase value more.

What to look out for when buying blinds?

When buying blinds you should pay attention to the width and height of the space they are to occupy. Then, turn your attention to the material used in the blind surface. Does it let some light through, or is it a blackout style? To get the best blinds, and the best smart blinds, for you and your home, you’ll also want to pay attention to the style of the blinds. Some may prefer zebra blinds while others will like dark black blackout blinds, for instance.

This article is managed and created separately from the Digital Trends Editorial team.

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