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Nanoleaf Essentials A19 3-Pack of bulbs in living room.

How to reset Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Bulbs

Here's how to reset the Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Bulb, along with a few troubleshooting tips to try first.

How to delete Arlo Activity Zones

The Arlo Essential 2nd Gen mounted outside.

How to cancel your Arlo subscription

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum.

How to map a house with the iRobot Roomba

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 on a wooden door.

How to cancel your Ring account

iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ smart vacuum and mop near kids and pets

How to clean the bin and filter on the Roomba Combo j9+

The Wyze Cam Floodlight security camera outdoors.

How to properly place security cameras around your home

The Arlo Pro 5S installed outside on a wall.

Why is my Arlo camera offline?

The X2 Omni dock up against a wall.

The best smart home devices for 2023

The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera (Gen 2) with the Privacy Shield enabled.

How to use the Privacy Shield on Arlo cameras

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro on display the 2023 Amazon Fall Devices and Services event.

Tapo C120 vs. Ring Stick Up Cam Pro: is the expensive Ring security camera worth it?

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

How to add Arlo cameras to Apple HomeKit

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 installed near a door.

Arlo Video Doorbell 2nd Gen vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a powerful smart home gadget, but how does it compare to the new Arlo Video Doorbell 2nd Gen? Here's what you need to know.
Amazon Echo Show 15 Smart Display on a wall.

The best Alexa skills to use on your Amazon Echo in 2023

Amazon Alexa has changed the way we live and play with tech. Here, we compiled some of the best and most useful skills that you can add to your Alexa today.
The Arlo Essential 2nd Gen mounted outside.

Arlo Essential 2nd Gen vs. Arlo Pro 4: is the Arlo Pro 4 worth it?

The Arlo Essential 2nd Gen Camera is a new addition to the Arlo catalog, but is it better than the existing Arlo Pro 4? Here's a closer look.
Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Essential XL 2nd Gen vs. Arlo Pro 4: Which is the better security camera?

The new Arlo Essential XL 2nd Gen offers incredible battery life, but is it better than the Arlo Pro 4? Here's a look at both to help you decide.
Several Ecobee security products on a green background.

Is an Ecobee Smart Security subscription worth it?

Ecobee offers two different plans for its security systems. But which one is best for your home? Here's a look at both to help you decide.
Apple HomePod 2023

Echo Pop vs. HomePod (Gen 2): is the HomePod worth its added cost?

Is the expensive Apple HomePod worth your money, or should you stick with the affordable Echo Pop? Here's a look at these two smart speakers to help you decide.
The Echo Dot Kids Owl and Dragon designs on a table.

Which Amazon Echo should you buy?

Not sure which Amazon Echo to buy? There are several excellent models to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Here are the latest and greatest.
iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum and Braava jet m6 (6113) Robot Mop bundle showing all three major elements in a hallway.

Cordless vs. robot vacuums: which one should you buy?

Choosing between a cordless vacuum and robot vacuum isn't an easy decision. Here's a look at the advantages of both types of products to help you decide.
The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug installed outside.

Can smart plugs be used outside?

Smart plugs are a great way to control exterior lights and decorations, but not all of them can be used outside. Here's what to know before using them outdoors.
iRobot Roomba j7 plus 7550 robot vacuum in charging dock by entryway.

How often should you replace your robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums are designed to last for several years, though their longevity relies on regular maintenance. Here's how often you should think about upgrading.
Blueair Blue Pure 211 plus HEPA air purifier in living room.

Do air purifiers work?

Since you won't want to open doors and windows in the winter, air purifiers are a great way to keep your air fresh. But are they worth the investment?
Apple HomePod 2023

Alexa vs. HomeKit: Which smart home platform is best?

Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit are two of the best smart home platforms available, but which is best for your home? Here's a closer look to help you decide.
The Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet

The 5 weirdest smart home gadgets of 2023

From smart toilets to smart toasters, here's a look at five of the weirdest smart home gadgets you can purchase in 2023.
The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni cleaning hardwood floors.

How to fix a robot vacuum that stops moving

There are several reasons your robot vacuum might not be moving. From checking its wheels to updating its software, here are all the ways to fix the problem.
The iRobot j9+ cleaning a floor and retracting its mop.

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni vs. iRobot Roomba Combo j9+: Which premium robot vacuum is best?

If you're looking for a premium robot vacuum and mop combo, the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni and iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ fit the bill. But which is best?
spooky halloween lighting haunted house

How to create spooky Halloween effects with smart home lighting and sound

Up your Halloween decorating game this year by using smart home lighting and sounds to spook your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.
A person opening the Yale Assure Lock 2 with their Apple Watch.

Are keyless smart locks safe?

Keyless smart locks are incredibly safe, but they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's a closer look at these smart home gadgets.
Controlling smart blinds with a remote.

Are smart blinds worth it?

Smart blinds give you remote access to your window coverings, allowing you to schedule their performance and save money on your bills. But are they worth it?
Lockly lock installed on a door and person uses the smartphone app.

What is a smart lock and how does it work?

A smart lock brings added versatility to your door, letting you open it using a keypad or smartphone app. Here's everything you need to know about smart locks.
Blink Mini Indoor 1080p wireless security camera on a counter showing video capture on an Echo Show display.

How to save Blink videos to USB

If you don't want to pay for a Blink Plan, you can save videos locally to a USB drive. Here's how to get the cool feature working.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) on table.

What an Alexa red ring means and how to fix it

Is your Alexa device showing a red ring that doesn't seem to go away? Don't worry -- it's usually something that's easy to fix. Here's what you should know.
The Blink Outdoor Floodlight camera.

How to set Activity Zones on Blink cameras

Using Activity Zones on Blink cameras allows you to choose which areas of your property trigger motion alerts. Here's how to set them up.

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